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In this site you can find Aion gold and guides for Aion In this site you can find Aion gold and guides for Aion In this site you can find Aion gold and guides for Aion 

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WoW veteran’s first impressions of Aion…

Let’s get to Aion now, is it a “WoW killer”?
If you are looking for the answer to that question you won’t find it here! The purpose of this particular blog is to give the perspective of a veteran WoW player’s first impression on Aion right from the initial loading screen.

Character Creation

After clicking on ‘create character’, I was introduced to a brief blurb on the two conflicting races and given the choice to pick one. I am not a big fan of dark dreary races, so choosing Elyos was a no brainer for me. This is the first time you actually get a glimpse of the character models. All four classes and both genders posed around a magnificent landscape awaited my selection. Clicking on a given class and gender showcased a brief animation that really showed off the game’s fluid animation and incredible ‘power’ effects. The actual character models themselves looked painstakingly detailed. I don’t mean to jump into comparative graphic analysis between Aion and WoW, but if you are like me, you will be glad to know that the armour in Aion is not like the ‘mesh’ style in WoW.


The outfits in Aion are actually like a model of their own adorn by the character model. It physically moves on its own like a separate model on top of the character. This significantly increases realism and immersion. That was one of my biggest gripe in WoW. I understand that by putting ‘textured skin’ in the form of armour directly on top of the character model reduces the stress on computers (And is easier to develop); but I really didn’t like how plate legging (and chest for that matter) were like tights on character with the illusion of jutting out. The only obvious separate model in WoW I found was the shoulder armour only.

I didn’t mean to go off in a tangent like that but I found this visual difference between the two games to be significant enough to mention. It really distinguishes Aion from WoW in the visual department which really boosted my initial impression of this game.

Once you have decided on the race, class and gender, you are moved to the next step which features one of the most customizable character creations I have ever seen to date. Browsing through Aion forums, I sometime stumble on what I like to call as “celebrity recreation”. One of the most memorable was Barack Obama, which strikingly resembled the picture posted beside it that was inspired by. I wouldn’t be able to do justice on the character creation of Aion without devoting an entire blog on it, so for now, take my word for it.



The control and interface of Aion felt very familiar to me; probably because they pulled a page straight out of WoW on this one. Anyone who played WoW before will feel right at home. No complaints here; actually, they made some improvements. For example, when I casted a spell it would automatically run up to the max range. There was a hot-key to auto loot also. A ‘quest helper’ like system is also built into the game similar to WAR: online. Even being able to link items on chat is possible just like WoW ! All in all, it felt polished and solid, and most of the ‘convenience’ of WoW has been adopted in Aion such as hover item comparison for example. The combat is very active and fast pace just like WoW and very little ‘downtime’ occurs thanks to super regeneration outside combat and items like bandages for example.

Final : Aion gold

Overall, I am very pleased with the game, in Aion, the familiarity to wow controls is welcomed and the distinguished art style is more to my taste since its anime like which I am into compared to WoW comic style.

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