01 Apr 2016

Templar F.A.Q. 2

What weapons can Templar use and what should ?

Templar class can use 1H Swords, Great Swords (2H), Maces. Definitely, you should stick with 1H Sword and a Shield to get the best of Templar. But you shouldn’t underestimate Greatswords, as there are situations when switching to GS before/while fighting can be your advantage.

What armor can Templar wear ? Templar can wear all types of Armor. Cloth, Leather, Chain till level 10, and Plate after becoming Daeva. What’s the best manastones combination for PvE Tanking, PvE Fast Leveling, PvP roles ?

PvE Tanking : 75-25 to 50-50 Shield defense:HP

PvE Fast Leveling : 100% Crit PvP roles Depends on play style and situation, but usually your defense is enough, so you want more firepower – stick with Crit Manastones, and maybe some HP. According to some people Crit may be no longer good choice to increase your damage. Combining +crit with +attack or putting 100% attack may be better. aion.jpg How can you compare Templar to other classes in PvE ?

Templars are THE tanks for the game, especially when closing to endgame levels. Although Gladiators can tank nicely at start, you better choose Templar for most formidable enemies. We are the steel wall that’s hard to kill, but – especially at low levels – we lack skills to do substantial damage.

Leveling Templar may be slower than Sorcerer, Gladiator or Assassin, but usually we can kill several mobs without need to use Herbs/Bandages, which can be our advantage. If you manastone your gear with +crit bonuses, you will kill and level much faster, still having very good defense. Yet, we are not damage dealers so leveling can be slower than others, but not that much. It’s best to team up with other DD class like Sorcerer or Assassin, you don’t have to worry about damage and kill mobs very fast, still getting decent amount of XP.

Templar is an average solo leveler, but is very usefull in group leveling and group dungeon runs. Typical response from group members after getting you is “Yay! We got a Templar!”.

22 Jan 2016

Templar F.A.Q.

What is Templar class? What is its main role ?

Templars are THE tanks of Aion, using the shield for both defense and offense while protecting its party members. You can compare Templar to WoW’s Prot Warrior, L2 TK/SK see gold runescape

Are Templars easy to play?

Templars are one of the easiest to level, though definitely not the fastest. Especially after mid levels you can kill 3-4 mobs one after another (or 2-3 at once) without having to heal yourself between fights. If you won’t aggro too many mobs, every fight should be relatively easy. Until endgame, Templars are not easy to play in PVP. Although they take longer to kill, their dps is lower than average (if not specced for pure damage) and they lack of serious crowd control skills. You will find yourself loosing to almost all classes that can keep you away and have very hard job to kill Clerics. Templar are the easiest class to Tank Elite mobs. It doesn’t mean that PVE Tanking is easy. Templar just have more skills and abilities to do the job right.

So – yes, and no. Yes, if you plan to do PVE mainly. No if you are hardcore PVP fan.

Why would I choose Templar over other classes ?

Because Templar is the best class in Aion, period. Seriously ? Depends on what do you want to do. If your soul screams to defend others, to protect fellowship Daevas, to play one of the most important role in PvE, to be needed by almost all groups going for dungeon/raid runs – that’s Templar. You must know that Templars are average damage dealers, so you will not be leveling as quickly as Assassins or Sorcerers, but you won’t die so often as them. You will be able to take 2-3 enemies at once, and continue fight after several kills without much delay. You will be average in PvP at start, but get much better when closing to endgame.

You will get the best possible armor, fight with sword and shield and use your abilities to taunt, stun and redirect damage to yourself from your allies. You will have some DOT healing abilities, but not much. You will be a fortress to penetrate and the last enemy to target in PvP combat.

Gladiator or Templar ? Depends on what do you want more – to be good damage dealer with good defense, or be the best defense with decent damage.

Sorcerer/Assasin or Templar ? Similiar to above. Sorcs and Sins are the best damage dealers here, but have poor to average defenses, so it’s harder to play them. If you don’t know how to play them, you die often.

Cleric or Templar ? Well, that’s a tough choice, cause they both have very good defenses (active or passive) and are not the fastest levelers. Cleric role is more a support class, also very important, but also quite fragile when dealing with Elite mobs. Cleric vs Templar PvP fights more often end up with Templar dead, but after very long fights. In PvE, Clerics stay back and heal Templars, while Templars stay at front and prevent enemies getting to Clerics.

30 Nov 2015

Lumiel’s Finest 3

Meet our Friends 2

AC: Voide who is an officer in AC always manages to shock me with the odds he beats with his legion members. When we need an Artifact back, send AC! Need an Artifact defended ? Call AC ! Have important missions that is imperative to be completed successfully aka, destroying Asmodian Kisks ? Send AC! These guys are like the Elyos Special Forces. Just a handful of members, but pound for pound (Abyss Points wise) they even put legions three times in size to shame ! I’m just glad they are on our side… Not many legions can claim to have faced forces multiple times in sizes and come out victorious.

Genesis: A recent addition to our Alliance (when this article was published). I have not personally had much interaction with them but nonetheless, they were instrumental in Sieges. Having more warm bodies is always welcomed to soak up damages and overwhelm the Asmodian. I look forward to working with them as we set our sights to the upper Abyss.

Invictus Immortalis: Even though our merge botched, it didn’t stop us from working together. Always glad to see these guys do their thing in the battlefield. Pushing Asmodian when going for the Deity or holding their ground when Asmodian try to push back. IV Skye Lancers : If I had to describe these guys in two words, it would be “Shock Troopers”. If AC is viwed metaphorically as a Surgical Knife, these guys could be described as the Heavy Warhammer. They are the guys who pound the living day light out of the Asmodian with their tenacity.

Rogue: Honestly, you guys should rename your Legion to “Wolf Pack 2″! I don’t even need to call on you guys; Tempest (Their Guild Leader) is always on the ball. Before I know it, he has already rallied his troops and waits in standby for Wolf Pack to make a move ! I always recommend players who want to join Wolf Pack but don’t meet our level requirement to try enlisting in Rogue and message Tempest. Since Rogue has always played side by side with us. I realise that I missed many other legions who have always heed the call when Wolf Pack requested support of all Elyos through LFG channel.

I am going to take this opportunity to request all Elyos legion leaders in Lumiel to contact me so we can form a distribution group. This way communication will flow much more fluidly. So everyone will have a heads up and given preparation time for large strategic maneuver in the Abyss.

So if interested, contact me via this website.

Complete Abyss Domination

Wolf Pack is currently in the planning stages to take on the Upper Abyss by this weekend (16 Oct 2009). We would definately need maximum support for this endevour. So going along the line of building an alliance and forming communication channels, please contact us if you would be interested to lend a hand. Even if your spells get resisted and you do 1 d mg to the level 50 mobs; don’t worry! We still need you! It is known that “group attacks” done by the diety is restricted to a set number. So absobing a stun he throws out or being one of the unfortunate soul to be ganked by his group attacks means a level 40+ Elyos somewhere is in your debt and can continue to do his thing!

01 Oct 2015

AION Lumiel’s Finest : Elyos Edition 2

Elyos Domination Our Failures

I wish I could say that WP never tasted failure. But unfortunately there were key moments when the Officers in WP mismanaged and dropped the ball.

1. Merger Gone Wrong : Wolf Pack was to merge with the members that currently resides in Invictus Immortalis. Unfortunately, the merger was happening at the same time as our officers were busy forming Raid Parties to take on the first fort (which we succeeded). Through the invite chaos all our potential new guildies ended up in Alliance 2, while Alliance 1 composed of WP members and friends like Ryuu and Born (Both extremely talented and helpful players).  They felt insulted being treated like second tier members and changed their minds, which I don’t blame them. These guys went out to later merge with another legion to form the current Invictus Immortalis we know today.

2. Drama with Dark Crusade : I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow we must have rubbed Dark Crusade the wrong way somewhere along the line. So it is very unfortunate that we are unable to work together well in co-ordinating plans for the Abyss. Luckily, I still have a good relation with some of the members in TDC AION , so it is always a welcoming sight to see these guys form and bring an alliance for sieges when asked. aion-2.JPG

These turn of events were unfortunate, but WP learned valuable lessons. We realise that success for the Elyos Lumielians hinges on the co-operations of all the Legions on our side. Thus we stress in having good relationships with our fellow Legions.

Meet our Friends

I have emphasized multiple time on how important it is to have allies, here is a list of Legions that had our backs, in no particular order, everytime our Pack mobilized. The Wolf Pack banner is draped on the forts in the Abyss today (or once upon a time if you are reading this article months since it has been published *laughs*) because these are the friends that protected our Artifacts, Sieged the door by our side and died with us from the Fort Boss’ AoEs (Damn OP Stun Lock AoEs…).

Afterlife : Reborn in Afterlife, always mustered every available hands from his Legion when I message him for support. These guys are always quick to respond and very co-operative. They are always open to listen to our strategies and executes them flawlessly. A personal Thanks to you my friend Reborn, I’m glad I can count on you to capture and activate artifacts at clutch situations !

25 Jul 2015

Lumiel’s Finest : Elyos Edition

Wolf Pack

First things first, the lack of new articles by me  is blamed on that fact that I invest the majority of my spare time playing gold for Aion . *laughs* Secondly, I would like to request all interested parties (You will soon find out what this is all about!) contact me via our site. Please do not leave contact information on the comments box below to protect your privacy. Now that we have all that out the way, let’s get down to the good stuff. I will cover several things. A little bit about the past, present and future goals of Wolf Pack. Some first hand experiences of trying to manage our first ever Guild/Legion. I’ll cover our awesome allies. And finally my vision for Elyos Lumielians.

Wolf Pack is Born

To our pleasant surprise, the Officers in WP gets bombarded daily with messages about recruitment. Unfortunately we don’t have a dedicated site for our legion to point the interested individuals to.  This is because we never planned to be the legion we turned out to become. Originally, it was three brothers who wanted a private green text channel. We didn’t do any mass recruiting by shouting in the LFG (Though I will admit I tried it once at a much later time.), we simply asked players we had a blast playing with to join us so we could keep in touch. We continued to slowly grow using this ‘recruitment by invite only’ methodology, by this point we had Illya join the legion whose previous experience playing Aion Korea/China was invaluable to us because we were (and still are!) complete newbies to Aion. Another pivotal moment for WP came when we merged with Primarch and Emerin. Thanks to them and their friends who came with, we formed the original base WP has been built on.

So there you have it, WP is not some super hardcore Guild who roamed from one MMORPG to the next.  With core members of friends that knew each other for years. WP is composed of a bunch of players who gravitated under one banner because we enjoyed gaming with each other.

Challenging Ourselves aion-1.JPG At the end of the first week or so, we were curious to see if we could try to take an Artifact in the Abyss. So we gathered together, called on our friends (Allies) and the rest is history! We soon set our eyes on a Fort and a few days later, achieved another milestone! It was not long till we completely controlled the Lower Abyss at one point thanks to the support of our Allies!

01 May 2015

LFG Looking for Gold ?

We all know the story of gold selling lowbies in almost every MMO. Well, it is the same in Aion. Ever since its initial release, aion has been flooded with gold spammers day and night. Originally NCSoft decided as a counter measure to only allow level 5+ characters to be able to talk in the general chat channels. Unfortunately the game isn’t too demanding on the leveling process of 1 to 5, therefore after a few hours, the gold spammers were back in business. 

Everywhere from general, trade and even personal whispers, gold spammers are really living up to their name. Ever since its birth, NCSoft hasn’t really released any further information on what they are doing to battle this ongoing issue. Players were genuinely concerned and starting to wonder about NCSoft’s ability to manage this situation.

Until English Community Rep, Ayase, wrote an announcement about it on the official site. Simply put, Ayase says that GM’s are working 24/7 to clear out these evil gold spamming demon seeds. Players can also block goldspammers on an individual level. Although a nice touch, blocking is only a temporary solution. NCSoft has yet to figure out a sure way solution, but they clearly believe it will be soon.

So for now, grab a drink (or two), sit back on your adventure in Atreia and try not to look at the lower left hand of your screen, you just might go blind from the constant spam !

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