03 May 2017

Banning of bots in Aion

It is what everyone wants in Aion.  Every day the forums are filled with Ban the Bots posts.  Everyone complains they are ruining the game.  NCSoft has taken action, and now look at the state of the game.

I know on Zikel several of the better known pvp guilds were banned from the game for botting.  These guilds weren't interested in the pve grind.  They just wanted the end game pvp that was so anticipated to where they could actually have fun in the game.

Were bots really the issue ?  Should have Aion looked at the root of the problem that caused players to bot, and solved that instead ?  If the real issue was addressed there wouldn't have been bots.

The real issue is the grind.  No one wants to spend half their life grinding a character to get to the point of the game that they would enjoy.  No one can really stand the grind, and the people who say it isn't bad haven't reached 35+ yet.  If you play an MMORPG for the pvp than grinding a character to max level  is a nightmare if it's only pve.

If Aion would have just made the grind reasonable they would still have a growing customer base, but instead people are leaving the game faster than ever.  Will the new xp boosts help ?  I doubt it with the millions and millions of xp needed for levels the small little boost isn't going to make your bar move any faster.

Why do you think players bot in Aion 1000 times more than any other mmorpg ?

01 Mar 2017

Did Aion fool you into buying the game ?

Do you feel like Aion fooled you into buying the game because they limited your level in beta ?  Would have you bought Aion if you could have experienced the grind post 30+ ?  Do you think they knew, and wanted to keep it a secret ?

I think I was fooled into buying Aion.  The grind didn't seem bad in the beta for the lower levels.  It seemed reasonable.  The problem is NCSoft hid the real grind from me.  If I was able to experience the grind first hand in the beta I would of never bought Aion, but instead they stopped me at level 30.  It is after thirty that the real grind starts.   I bought Aion not knowing the true story even though they said they removed the grind for the US version.

I also thought my pve grind was over at fifty, but it continues as you have to farm pve mobs in the abyss for AP's.  It is the everlasting gobstopper... I mean everlasting grind in Aion.

01 Jan 2017

Mechanics : Customizing equipment skins

It will only be moments before you meet up with your fellow legion and embark through a dangerous dungeon. On your way there, bandits are making their every attempt in stopping you from reaching your destination. You fend them off easily as if it’s a daily ritual. But something is out of the ordinary this time; when you loot the last killed enemy, a magical weapon presents itself in the looting table! Just looking at the exceptional stats makes you feel ecstatic. This rare sword has bonuses that will FINALLY allow you to out damage that cocky assassin. He’s been gloating all week about his “uber dps”, but now it will be your time to shine. As you anxiously wait for the item to soulbound, your jaws fall to the floor; this weapon may have amazing stats but it looks like something the graphic artists designed while intoxicated.

This is something that happens to all of us. We find equipment with incredible stats but quickly feel disappointed when it isn’t visually appealing. Because it is a superior item in terms of numbers, we often find ourselves wearing gear that doesn’t look good at all. Unappealing gear may result in "facepalms" from friends.

Although it is pretty hard to find gear that is not graphically exquisite in Aion, certain styles may not mix well with people. Take for instance, the sword above. I thought the sword above did not look that great. We can see the feeling was mutual between my friend and I. I still had to use it however just for the sake of stats. What Aion has built right into the game is one of the most simple, yet robust customization systems for your gear. essentially, you can take the “skin” of any equipment (some restrictions apply, explained later) and literally put it on any item (again, a few restrictions apply). Below are pictures in how exactly you go about doing this process.

Once these two steps are done, a cost is calculated. After paying the relatively inexpensive fee, the weapon will now have the stats and skin that you chose! Be aware, the item that was used to extract the skin from will be lost. One of the ways people look at this is that you can basically level up your equipment. This is however, UNTRUE. Infact, its the opposite. You are putting the SKIN of an item. You are not putting the STATS. It is a difficult concept to understand without actually trying it. The system also does have a few restrictions.

The following are the main ones :

Must be level 30 : You must be at least level 30 before your character may utilize this system.

Cannot cross armor types : You may not put the stats of a plate gear on something that has the skin of leather; the skin and stats have to be from the same armor category.

Certain items cannot be changed: Sets like the Daevanion armor, Abyss armor, and other certain unique equipment.

Dyes will be lost: Any dyes used on the STAT item will be lost. Dyes on the SKIN will NOT be. A simple tool like this can have strong influences in how much someone can customize their avatars. Gone are the days of countless people looking like clones just because those particular items had the better bonuses (tier gear anyone?). This system allows players to create a stronger “bond” with their character because you will be picking gear based on style, not stats.

28 May 2016

Aion Server Personalities

It’s almost that time, as we will all soon start a mad dash to create our characters and lock our favorite names. (Or lock a friend’s name for ransom…) But before you can create a character and settle a name, you must first pick a server to play in. You are in luck, in case you haven’t been following one of the most entertaining ’server related drama for a launching MMO’; here is a summary with some interesting links to check out for more detail.

Hopefully, the following information and speculation will guide you to the perfect server to your liking!

Enjoy the following foreshadowing picture.

Aion Server Types

Lumiel History: The lack of designating any official RP server in Aion by NCSoft West, has prompted the Role Playing minded Aion community to take it on themselves to find an unofficial home. Gathering together on they have democraticaly come to the decision to encourage all Role Play interested players to make it their home, calling Lumiel the Unofficial Roleplay server for Aion. What to expect: The popular belief by most, is that Roleplay server tend to be ‘carebear’.

These players also make the assumption that players there are much more interested to /emote than play the game or PvP for that matter. Contrary to that belief, roleplay server also attract some very skilled and mature players. These players are attracted to the mature community exemplified by the role players, not minding that sometime buying an item from another player may thrust him or her in a three minute barter(Roleplay). You won’t find Hardcore, PvP, e-peen stroking, trash talking ego flaming drama here

01 Apr 2016

Templar F.A.Q. 2

What weapons can Templar use and what should ?

Templar class can use 1H Swords, Great Swords (2H), Maces. Definitely, you should stick with 1H Sword and a Shield to get the best of Templar. But you shouldn’t underestimate Greatswords, as there are situations when switching to GS before/while fighting can be your advantage.

What armor can Templar wear ? Templar can wear all types of Armor. Cloth, Leather, Chain till level 10, and Plate after becoming Daeva. What’s the best manastones combination for PvE Tanking, PvE Fast Leveling, PvP roles ?

PvE Tanking : 75-25 to 50-50 Shield defense:HP

PvE Fast Leveling : 100% Crit PvP roles Depends on play style and situation, but usually your defense is enough, so you want more firepower – stick with Crit Manastones, and maybe some HP. According to some people Crit may be no longer good choice to increase your damage. Combining +crit with +attack or putting 100% attack may be better. aion.jpg How can you compare Templar to other classes in PvE ?

Templars are THE tanks for the game, especially when closing to endgame levels. Although Gladiators can tank nicely at start, you better choose Templar for most formidable enemies. We are the steel wall that’s hard to kill, but – especially at low levels – we lack skills to do substantial damage.

Leveling Templar may be slower than Sorcerer, Gladiator or Assassin, but usually we can kill several mobs without need to use Herbs/Bandages, which can be our advantage. If you manastone your gear with +crit bonuses, you will kill and level much faster, still having very good defense. Yet, we are not damage dealers so leveling can be slower than others, but not that much. It’s best to team up with other DD class like Sorcerer or Assassin, you don’t have to worry about damage and kill mobs very fast, still getting decent amount of XP.

Templar is an average solo leveler, but is very usefull in group leveling and group dungeon runs. Typical response from group members after getting you is “Yay! We got a Templar!”.

01 Oct 2015

AION Lumiel’s Finest : Elyos Edition 2

Elyos Domination Our Failures

I wish I could say that WP never tasted failure. But unfortunately there were key moments when the Officers in WP mismanaged and dropped the ball.

1. Merger Gone Wrong : Wolf Pack was to merge with the members that currently resides in Invictus Immortalis. Unfortunately, the merger was happening at the same time as our officers were busy forming Raid Parties to take on the first fort (which we succeeded). Through the invite chaos all our potential new guildies ended up in Alliance 2, while Alliance 1 composed of WP members and friends like Ryuu and Born (Both extremely talented and helpful players).  They felt insulted being treated like second tier members and changed their minds, which I don’t blame them. These guys went out to later merge with another legion to form the current Invictus Immortalis we know today.

2. Drama with Dark Crusade : I’m not sure how it happened, but somehow we must have rubbed Dark Crusade the wrong way somewhere along the line. So it is very unfortunate that we are unable to work together well in co-ordinating plans for the Abyss. Luckily, I still have a good relation with some of the members in TDC AION , so it is always a welcoming sight to see these guys form and bring an alliance for sieges when asked. aion-2.JPG

These turn of events were unfortunate, but WP learned valuable lessons. We realise that success for the Elyos Lumielians hinges on the co-operations of all the Legions on our side. Thus we stress in having good relationships with our fellow Legions.

Meet our Friends

I have emphasized multiple time on how important it is to have allies, here is a list of Legions that had our backs, in no particular order, everytime our Pack mobilized. The Wolf Pack banner is draped on the forts in the Abyss today (or once upon a time if you are reading this article months since it has been published *laughs*) because these are the friends that protected our Artifacts, Sieged the door by our side and died with us from the Fort Boss’ AoEs (Damn OP Stun Lock AoEs…).

Afterlife : Reborn in Afterlife, always mustered every available hands from his Legion when I message him for support. These guys are always quick to respond and very co-operative. They are always open to listen to our strategies and executes them flawlessly. A personal Thanks to you my friend Reborn, I’m glad I can count on you to capture and activate artifacts at clutch situations !

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