01 Nov 2016

WoW veteran’s and FIFA gamer, first impressions of Aion - end

End of this confrontation ...

Initial Reaction : I can’t stop praising how phenomenal the game visually looks, as soon as I was cast into the world I couldn’t help just to rotate my camera around and really appreciate the beauty. Fog and rain is amazingly rendered. Speaking of rain; little things like how your character reacts to the environment really immerses you into the game some more. For example when it rains, your character will react to it and will convey visual emotions through body language and facial expression and if left idle, will pull out a ‘leaf umbrella’ and interact with the rain some more. Another one is where a character will wipe the sweat off their face due to the heat. It’s these little details that really enhance the experience.

Interface / Control: The control and interface felt very familiar to me; probably because they pulled a page straight out of WoW on this one. Anyone who played WoW before will feel right at home. No complaints here; actually, they made some improvements. For example, when I casted a spell it would automatically run up to the max range. There was a hot-key to auto loot also. A ‘quest helper’ like system is also built into the game similar to WAR: online. Even being able to link items on chat is possible just like WoW! All in all, it felt polished and solid, and most of the ‘convenience’ of WoW has been adopted in Aion such as hover item comparison for example. The combat is very active and fast pace just like WoW and very little ‘downtime’ occurs thanks to super regeneration outside combat and items like bandages for example.

Final Notes : Overall, I am very pleased with the game, the familiarity to WoW controls is welcomed and the distinguished art style is more to my taste since its anime like which I am into compared to WoW comic style. Stay tuned for future blogs for my comments on topics such as: Quests/Missions System Item and Enhancements Crafting Mail System Instancing Flying PvP Class Breakdown Levelling Guide

21 Aug 2016

WoW veteran’s and FIFA gamer, first impressions of Aion


I will admit that though I have owned a WoW subscription since early release; I had been lured many times away by promises of other games that have (had ?) a rabid cult claiming every time that “This is the WoW killer”. In most cases these so called “WoW killers” failed to kill anything and ended up just fading away. I don’t really need to mention them since I am sure you all know the ones I am talking about… *cough* Age of Conan *cough* Tabula Rasa *cough* FIFA 17 … (monedas fut 17 Oh boy is it dusty in the office.) Those come to my mind immediately, and I am sure you all know of many more! If you were like me, you ended up buying the retail box and played the game for a month (more like a week…) before unsubscribing and uninstalling the game while loading WoW at the same time. In short, we always end up going back to WoW.

Let’s get to Aion now, is it a “WoW killer”?

If you are looking for the answer to that question you won’t find it here! The purpose of this particular blog is to give the perspective of a veteran WoW player’s first impression on Aion right from the initial loading screen.

Intro: After starting the game from the news launcher resembling much like other popular MMORPGs ; I was greeted by the familiar NCsoft logo. The title screen was breathtaking on my 30″ monitor running the game in high resolution. It was a definite tease of what awaited in game. Behind the log in box, was an amazingly crisp environment. The waterfall that hung over the green canopy was fluidly animated that had me staring at it mesmerized. The selected music was top notch, as can be expected from something produced by a Symphony Orchestra. The whole ambiance did bring nostalgic feeling from Lineage 2 (this is not FIFA 17 of course !).

Character Creation/Selection : I carefully typed in my user name and password and was greeted by the character selection page. On the particular server I was playing in, it warned that that I would only be able to create characters from one chosen side. This warning is similar to the one given when creating characters on the PvP servers in WoW. Once you make a character in a given side, you are restricted from making characters of the opposite faction unless you delete all your characters of that faction. All classes were available for both sides, and the choice of picking a side would ultimately fall on aesthetic values for most people (or if you are hard core, exclusive spells only available to each side may lure you toward one side over the other). Depending on the side you decide to pick your character selection page will either reflect a serene shire, or a chaotic polis. They are both gorgeous and detailed.

to follow

30 May 2014

wow Cataclysmic engineering

As the cataclysm is getting closer and closer, I am going to be preparing for it a lot more now.

First up is engineering, after the topic of Electrostatic Condenser was brought up in irc I decided do a bit of research on the subject, but first for those of you who dont know what it is Electrostatic Condenser Binds when picked up Unique Requires Engineering (440) Item Level 85 Allows a skilled engineer to occasionally collect Volatile Air while mining, skinning, or collecting herbs.

I was planning on being Enginnering/tailor when for leveling and to keep at 85, mainly so I had 2 proffesions that were semi gathers + crafters (Gas nodes and extra cloth tho I havnt looked into cloth scavenging either yet), and also for crafting cloth epics, Bows and guns. Aswell as the fact that I wanted engineering for rated battlegrouds.

Which leads me onto my next point, Apparntly in the beta they have moved every tinker except the glove and back enchant onto the belt socket and given them 5 min cooldowns, which makes me want engineering even less on my main, 5 min cooldown is way too long. see this beta forum post on Engineering tinkers. This is making me think quite a bit about what proffsions I want on my warlock for Cataclysm, I’m now thinking about keeping enchanting and droping engineering in favor of tailoring, Ive been an enchanter for a while now and I dont think I can Be botherd to get them all again on my DK (she will just have to be my engineer).

Less than one month now until Cataclysm is released and I still have quite a bit to do, although I am very glad that I managed to get the insane title out of the way. 1 final thing to think about is the Cash Flow Guild perk, with mobs dropoing more gold in cataclysm 10% of cash gained could be quite a bit, Imagine inviting people into your bank alts guild and them just giving you gold while they level. They will still be benifiting from the other guild perks so I dont see it as ripping them off, also because its not like they would be getting the 10% extra anyway. Just imagine 500 players in your bank alt’s guild, all leveling and looting mobs, I can see this brining in a lot of passive gold and I can think of anything better than passive gold on my quest for gold.

What are your opinions on Engineering in cataclysm and Cash Flow ?

14 Apr 2014

Kick in the teeth

Well after paying about 20k gold for getting my shen’dralar to exhalted with those pesky Pristine black diamondsfor “The Insane” title, Blizzard have decided to take the requirment out of the meta achievement.

Not the best of weeks for me as they are also going to be making the Razzashi Hatchling avilbe in cataclysm, so that pet will not become super rare and unobtainable.

I am going to be reacting to these changes my selling of the Razzashi Hatchlings I have, aswell as selling of the Pristine black diamonds which I inteded to flip to those rushing to get the insane title in the last week.

I think im going to need to review my list of things to do before cataclysm So here is a new and improved version :

-Farm Mgt heroic and Sethekk halls heroic daily to get the Raven lord and white Hawkstrider mounts. -solo Zul’gurub each reset for mounts -really focus on leveling my 63 Hunter and 74 priest to at least 75, 80 if I can manage. -start farming Keepers of time rep, I am already revered but just a few days worth of runs and I should be exhalted. -keep reposting glyphs for 15 gold each to get rid of them. consuming too much of my time which would be better spent elsewhere.

About the gold i have at the moment, I will be asking around for any tcg mounts on my realm and will pay what I have to to get it, altho I am planning on going into cataclysm with 500k gold minimum.

08 Mar 2014

Liquid Assets – my 1st addon for wow

So to help myself get a gauge at where I was as far as liquid assets I’ve tried a few addons in the past.. Big Picture required Auctioneer, and Liquid-Wealth which is a LibDataBroker addon, and currently broken to high heaven… So when I saw that the undermine journal released an addon, I finally saw the opportunity to do what I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.. release my own addon.. this isn’t a very polished addon at the moment, as it’s my first programming project, not to mention learning lua and how to program an addon at the same time.. nonetheless, it does what I need for now.. working on adding more features.. head over to : Liquid Assets on WoW Interface and check it out.

Vanity Pets and 4.1 with new achievements for vanity pets in 4.1 time to stockpile and auction vendor pets and other seasonal pets has come again.. i’ve already noticed a small surge in the christmas pets.. so debating buying up ones under 150g on the Auction House to resell after patch.. it’s a small change, but one that SHOULD lead to strong sales for about a month after patch.. There are the Dalaran Pets, as well as Netherstorm that should sell decently, and dont forget the various Raptor hatchlings (bad link, couldn’t find a list with JUST them) which are also farmable .. just something to keep in mind.

25 Jan 2014

remember : the first hour of Wow "Cataclysm"

The first hour of the Cataclysm release will be hectic. Many people will want to get the realms first so many people will be gathering ores and herbs then selling them extremely cheaply. This brings in the cheap supply. Although people will want to max their professions very early so this brings us the demand.

These two words are extremely important now "The Demand" & "The Supply". Both will be extremely high the first couple of hours in Cataclysm so be sure to pick up as many of these trade goods as cheap as you can get them.

I personally have already made my snatch list with using the Auto auction program. My snatch list includes items like: All the volatiles New Ore New Cloth New Herbs New Uncommon and Rare Gems JC Only Gems Low Level Trade goods such as Copper Ore and Linen Cloth (With the new character this will suffer a huge spike in the price)

All of the items will have such a large supply from all the server first gatherers and levelers that they will be so cheap it is unbelievable. They will also be in very large demand for the first few hours for the server first crafters so make sure you try and monopolize the market and boost the price as high as you can for the first few hours to make thousands of gold!

Try and stock pile all your bought goods for a few months until the supply has dropped and while the demand is still high where you can control the price and make 300% - 1000% profit off your trade goods.

Good Luck with Cataclysm guys leave me a comment to tell me how you all got on!

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