This week wasn’t much of an exciting week, basically just the same Obsidium / Elementium work, Since I’ve also been PVP’ing a bit, I prospected it while “defending vann” as I like to put it. So my resil is up to just about 3k. Been putting a little bit of work into each of my alts, basically just a little bit of spring cleaning, cleaning bags and starting to get them all ‘ready to leave stormwind and level’ ready. Retiree is back in <the defiants> and is about to start working on some more achievements, which has been on hold for awhile. Berkmal, he’s been farming herbs and ore to level his Mining and Herbalism (up to 150 now). Ok, thats enough of the storytelling lets talk gold… Spending this week was pretty low, the only thing I really remember putting any gold into was 6k ore, 1k approx in enchanting mats and maybe 1k in scrolls. So not a very exciting week for spending. Now this is definitely a good thing, since the money pile just gets bigger right?

Now for the where’s it coming from.. about 7k in Fortune cards and Glyphs sold over Saturday and Sunday, Glyphs is minor as im currently only buying Adder’s Tongue, Icethorn and Lichbloom when under 2g and only making Ink of the Sea glyphs, so its slow for glyphs, which isn’t a market I’m trying to be in. Scrolls are selling fantastically, its amazing how much people will pay for mighty stats, I’m pulling in multiple a day for 140+.. 3 – 7k a day most days this week.. outside of that its all cut rare gems and some dust / essence.. Going forward this next week I’ll likely buy all the sub 70g stack ore on the AH and working on that, and Vendoring some mass uncommon gems, and working on planning my new lil side project which I’ll be dropping the word on come tuesday.

What new markets or change have you done in these last two weeks ?