The first hour of the Cataclysm release will be hectic. Many people will want to get the realms first so many people will be gathering ores and herbs then selling them extremely cheaply. This brings in the cheap supply. Although people will want to max their professions very early so this brings us the demand.

These two words are extremely important now "The Demand" & "The Supply". Both will be extremely high the first couple of hours in Cataclysm so be sure to pick up as many of these trade goods as cheap as you can get them.

I personally have already made my snatch list with using the Auto auction program. My snatch list includes items like: All the volatiles New Ore New Cloth New Herbs New Uncommon and Rare Gems JC Only Gems Low Level Trade goods such as Copper Ore and Linen Cloth (With the new character this will suffer a huge spike in the price)

All of the items will have such a large supply from all the server first gatherers and levelers that they will be so cheap it is unbelievable. They will also be in very large demand for the first few hours for the server first crafters so make sure you try and monopolize the market and boost the price as high as you can for the first few hours to make thousands of gold!

Try and stock pile all your bought goods for a few months until the supply has dropped and while the demand is still high where you can control the price and make 300% - 1000% profit off your trade goods.

Good Luck with Cataclysm guys leave me a comment to tell me how you all got on!