It is bound to happen.  My first real complaint about Aion.  The bag situation is a nightmare.  This is the one feature where Aion dropped the ball compared to other MMO's in the market today.

I know you can pay a crazy amount, and expand your bags, but it isn't the same.  You are still fighting for space every time you go out questing, extracting,  or crafting.  I have expanded my bags three times in my warehouse, and my regular bags, and still have to destroy stuff out on the battlefield to make space.

You really need quest items to drop into a quest bag,.  If you collect all the quests in an area your bags are mathematically full before you even kill your first mob.  Some quests give you items that you have to use, and others you are collecting up to 3 items or more.  I find myself either destroying things, or wasting time running back to town to sell stuff.  All quest drops should drop into a special quest bag like in Warhammer.

I am a gatherer too, and now I have to pass up on gathering some items because of the lack of space.  You can basically tie up nine spaces if you just gather the stuff around your level.  Every item has a chance to make a white,  a green, or blue extraction item.  I can easily fill twelve to fifteen spots if I pick up stuff also that sells well, but doesn't upgrade my skill.  It just isn't feasible.

Thirdly, you add crafting to the mix.  Once again you are going to need alot of space to carry all the items needed to craft items, and if you make stuff than none of those items like weapons, and armor stack.  You are once again out of space, and need to sell those items before you can free up some space, and keep kinah in your pockets by not vendoring everything you make.

This game really needs these specialty bags.  With the current nerf of personal stores, and the auction house limit of ten items you just can't navigate the space in your bags.  You just can't sell your stuff fast enough in the auction house, and if it does sell than it means you have to run back, and fill it back up instead of leveling up.