Well after paying about 20k gold for getting my shen’dralar to exhalted with those pesky Pristine black diamondsfor “The Insane” title, Blizzard have decided to take the requirment out of the meta achievement.

Not the best of weeks for me as they are also going to be making the Razzashi Hatchling avilbe in cataclysm, so that pet will not become super rare and unobtainable.

I am going to be reacting to these changes my selling of the Razzashi Hatchlings I have, aswell as selling of the Pristine black diamonds which I inteded to flip to those rushing to get the insane title in the last week.

I think im going to need to review my list of things to do before cataclysm So here is a new and improved version :

-Farm Mgt heroic and Sethekk halls heroic daily to get the Raven lord and white Hawkstrider mounts. -solo Zul’gurub each reset for mounts -really focus on leveling my 63 Hunter and 74 priest to at least 75, 80 if I can manage. -start farming Keepers of time rep, I am already revered but just a few days worth of runs and I should be exhalted. -keep reposting glyphs for 15 gold each to get rid of them. consuming too much of my time which would be better spent elsewhere.

About the gold i have at the moment, I will be asking around for any tcg mounts on my realm and will pay what I have to to get it, altho I am planning on going into cataclysm with 500k gold minimum.