Meet our Friends 2

AC: Voide who is an officer in AC always manages to shock me with the odds he beats with his legion members. When we need an Artifact back, send AC! Need an Artifact defended ? Call AC ! Have important missions that is imperative to be completed successfully aka, destroying Asmodian Kisks ? Send AC! These guys are like the Elyos Special Forces. Just a handful of members, but pound for pound (Abyss Points wise) they even put legions three times in size to shame ! I’m just glad they are on our side… Not many legions can claim to have faced forces multiple times in sizes and come out victorious.

Genesis: A recent addition to our Alliance (when this article was published). I have not personally had much interaction with them but nonetheless, they were instrumental in Sieges. Having more warm bodies is always welcomed to soak up damages and overwhelm the Asmodian. I look forward to working with them as we set our sights to the upper Abyss.

Invictus Immortalis: Even though our merge botched, it didn’t stop us from working together. Always glad to see these guys do their thing in the battlefield. Pushing Asmodian when going for the Deity or holding their ground when Asmodian try to push back. IV Skye Lancers : If I had to describe these guys in two words, it would be “Shock Troopers”. If AC is viwed metaphorically as a Surgical Knife, these guys could be described as the Heavy Warhammer. They are the guys who pound the living day light out of the Asmodian with their tenacity.

Rogue: Honestly, you guys should rename your Legion to “Wolf Pack 2″! I don’t even need to call on you guys; Tempest (Their Guild Leader) is always on the ball. Before I know it, he has already rallied his troops and waits in standby for Wolf Pack to make a move ! I always recommend players who want to join Wolf Pack but don’t meet our level requirement to try enlisting in Rogue and message Tempest. Since Rogue has always played side by side with us. I realise that I missed many other legions who have always heed the call when Wolf Pack requested support of all Elyos through LFG channel.

I am going to take this opportunity to request all Elyos legion leaders in Lumiel to contact me so we can form a distribution group. This way communication will flow much more fluidly. So everyone will have a heads up and given preparation time for large strategic maneuver in the Abyss.

So if interested, contact me via this website.

Complete Abyss Domination

Wolf Pack is currently in the planning stages to take on the Upper Abyss by this weekend (16 Oct 2009). We would definately need maximum support for this endevour. So going along the line of building an alliance and forming communication channels, please contact us if you would be interested to lend a hand. Even if your spells get resisted and you do 1 d mg to the level 50 mobs; don’t worry! We still need you! It is known that “group attacks” done by the diety is restricted to a set number. So absobing a stun he throws out or being one of the unfortunate soul to be ganked by his group attacks means a level 40+ Elyos somewhere is in your debt and can continue to do his thing!