What weapons can Templar use and what should ?

Templar class can use 1H Swords, Great Swords (2H), Maces. Definitely, you should stick with 1H Sword and a Shield to get the best of Templar. But you shouldn’t underestimate Greatswords, as there are situations when switching to GS before/while fighting can be your advantage.

What armor can Templar wear ? Templar can wear all types of Armor. Cloth, Leather, Chain till level 10, and Plate after becoming Daeva. What’s the best manastones combination for PvE Tanking, PvE Fast Leveling, PvP roles ?

PvE Tanking : 75-25 to 50-50 Shield defense:HP

PvE Fast Leveling : 100% Crit PvP roles Depends on play style and situation, but usually your defense is enough, so you want more firepower – stick with Crit Manastones, and maybe some HP. According to some people Crit may be no longer good choice to increase your damage. Combining +crit with +attack or putting 100% attack may be better. aion.jpg How can you compare Templar to other classes in PvE ?

Templars are THE tanks for the game, especially when closing to endgame levels. Although Gladiators can tank nicely at start, you better choose Templar for most formidable enemies. We are the steel wall that’s hard to kill, but – especially at low levels – we lack skills to do substantial damage.

Leveling Templar may be slower than Sorcerer, Gladiator or Assassin, but usually we can kill several mobs without need to use Herbs/Bandages, which can be our advantage. If you manastone your gear with +crit bonuses, you will kill and level much faster, still having very good defense. Yet, we are not damage dealers so leveling can be slower than others, but not that much. It’s best to team up with other DD class like Sorcerer or Assassin, you don’t have to worry about damage and kill mobs very fast, still getting decent amount of XP.

Templar is an average solo leveler, but is very usefull in group leveling and group dungeon runs. Typical response from group members after getting you is “Yay! We got a Templar!”.