It’s almost that time, as we will all soon start a mad dash to create our characters and lock our favorite names. (Or lock a friend’s name for ransom…) But before you can create a character and settle a name, you must first pick a server to play in. You are in luck, in case you haven’t been following one of the most entertaining ’server related drama for a launching MMO’; here is a summary with some interesting links to check out for more detail.

Hopefully, the following information and speculation will guide you to the perfect server to your liking!

Enjoy the following foreshadowing picture.

Aion Server Types

Lumiel History: The lack of designating any official RP server in Aion by NCSoft West, has prompted the Role Playing minded Aion community to take it on themselves to find an unofficial home. Gathering together on they have democraticaly come to the decision to encourage all Role Play interested players to make it their home, calling Lumiel the Unofficial Roleplay server for Aion. What to expect: The popular belief by most, is that Roleplay server tend to be ‘carebear’.

These players also make the assumption that players there are much more interested to /emote than play the game or PvP for that matter. Contrary to that belief, roleplay server also attract some very skilled and mature players. These players are attracted to the mature community exemplified by the role players, not minding that sometime buying an item from another player may thrust him or her in a three minute barter(Roleplay). You won’t find Hardcore, PvP, e-peen stroking, trash talking ego flaming drama here