Getting the most out of your time wandering the world of Aion also means bringing back as much as possible. Most players are surprised to discover that you can actually expand your inventory from the initial 27 spaces all the way to a full 90 spaces. If only doing it were that easy. You start the game with just 27 spaces of inventory and as early as the beginning zone you may expand it! In Aion your inventory is referred to as your “Cube” and can be expanded one row of 9 spaces at a time. The first 5 expansions can be purchased while another 2 rows are available via quests. Only a few shugo through out the world offer the cube expansion option.

__Baevrunerk – Akarios Village (Poeta) – Offers only the first of 5 expansions.

Heerunerk & Yiehmonerk – Hall of Prosperity (Sanctum) – Offers 4 of the 5 expansions.

Jarumonerk – See below for location – Offers all of the expansions.__

Finding Jarumonerk can be complicated but luckily the level 37 campaign quest “New Wings” requires you visit his out of the way location. The island is not on the map but is located in the upper abyss. It takes approximately 80 seconds of flight time to reach it without the use of any flight speed scrolls or potions. I personally recommend 90 seconds if it is your first trip.

Following the five purchased cube expansions a simple quest is unlocked in Sanctum which provides you with yet another row of cube space. It starts at Demodocos, who resides just behind the elevator platform under Protectors Hall. After receiving the quest “A lucky day” you will have to cross Sanctum and speak with Yiehmonerk. This will conclude the quest and grant you an additional row in your cube.