At this point we’ve discussed a total of nine rows worth of cube space, thats an amazing 81 spaces compared to the starting 27. However, with a little work there is still another row to be obtained. The quest to receive this last row is unlocked at level 35 and is quite long. It starts at a shugo named Poporinerk near the center of the Heiron region. The quest is relatively simple although a couple areas may become confusing. The diary for the first part, called “The Legend of Vindachinerk,” drops off the named porgus “Jaku the Glutton.” Jaku can be found near an intersection on the road east of Poporinerk. It should be fairly simple again until you are asked to speak with Garkbinerk.

Garkbinerk is located on Black Cloud island, yet another unmapped location that takes a little faith to find. It is located in the southern part of the upper abyss and anyone with their level 30 wings should have no trouble reaching it. The map below shows the shortest flight possible to find the island.

The last piece of the quest that may be confusing is trying to find Vindachinerk. The confusing thing is that he only appears during specific hours of the day. In addition to only appearing during specific hours, Vindachinerk has three possible location where he may appear. The map below gives the appearance times and the three possible locations where he shows up.

Vindachinerk spawns from 01:00-06:00, 08:00-14:00, and 16:00-22:00 game time.

That should allow you to complete the quest and achieve the full 90 cube slots available in Aion. If you find yourself having trouble with some aspect of the quests that this guide doesn’t cover, remember to read the quest text and it should get you on your way. Good luck with your hunting and may all opponents fall beneath your wings.

P.S. I’m going to apologize that I don’t play an Asmodian and as a result cannot make this article applicable to both. With that in mind if anyone playing on the Asmodian side wishes to provide me the information necessary to do a similar write-up related to the Asmodian series I would very much appreciate it. I would give credit where it is due and may even be interested in a permanent communication involving future articles with relevance to each faction